#AYearAThon Day 6- Eek!

Hey guys,

So like I mentioned in yesterdays mini wrap-up, I would be spending majority of today revising for my final exam, something I hope majority of you will recognise as a higher priority than reading. Oh- those words were hard to write.

I did manage to get quite a bit of revision done, with exam plans ready for my memorising techniques to start tomorrow. I know I know, you should learn not memorise for exams; but frankly I know these topics really well. But memorising every piece of research to get the extra reading marks is something I prize myself on.

Okay, I guess you want me to tell you how much reading I’ve done  today? Yeah, not a lot. I’ve made it to almost the half way point in Fire Study Maria V Snyder, this is a really fast paced book, I guessed it would be and I am so glad I was right! I do plan on continuing reading tonight, since now is the only time I really have to read today.

fire study

The 2 hours study for half hour read thing really didn’t work, mainly because every time I attempted to study for two hours straight I was interrupted by something that was not reading- I got that frustrated I threw my textbook. Wow, that sounds terrible.

So, I am going to try and get as much of Fire Study read tonight, and hopefully finish it in time to start Revealed by P.C. and Kristin Cast before the end of the read-a-thon, at least then I would have at least started all of the books on my set TBR for the week. How are you doing on your TBR pile? Please tell me you have made better progress this week?

Right, guys I will not be doing a daily wrap-up tomorrow, but I will be posting the weekly wrap up and my TBR for next week, which is ridiculous.

Helen x


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