#AYearAThon Day 5

Hey guys,

Well after a long day yesterday (where I didn’t even consider picking up a book because deadlines) I am glad to announce that I managed to get my coursework in on time and have spent the rest of the evening reading.


So, for a quick update, I completed the tenth House of Night book Hidden by P.C. and Kristin Cast, it was better than the last but only marginally. I definitely think that this entire series could have been done in four books, five books maximum. There is definitely a lot more fluff towards the end of the series, where the first six were action packed and fast; these drag and drag and drag. I wont be doing individual review for these as they are so far into a series that it would be impossible not to spoil everything for everyone. And that just ain’t how we role here.

I had to flip a coin to decide which book to read next:

  • Heads = Revealed by P.C. and Kristin Cast (Book 11 in the House of Night Series)
  • Tails = Fire Study by Maria V Snyder (Book 3 in the Chronicles of Ixia)

And the winner..

Fire Study by Maria V Snyder! I have only just started and plan on continuing to read into the night.

fire study

Weekend reading:

Okay guys here’s the deal, I have a huge exam on Tuesday. On Monday I will be spending most of the day working research collection for my FBI research job (I am looking into permission to discuss this more, however there are a lot of security checks and blanking of information that has to be considered because the nature of the study) so that will be taking up a lot of time. Which basically leaves the weekend to revise.

Because I haven’t started that yet either guys.

Pro Student!

Anyway, the dealio is, I plan on revising for two hours and reading for half hour (as a break/ reward kind of thing?) which means I will probably not get as much reading done as I originally hoped.

So my aim for the weekend will be to finish Fire Study by Maria V Snyder and potentially begin another book, most likely it will be Revealed by P.C. and Kristin Cast. If I can persuade myself to.

I do plan on continuing my daily wrap-ups, but they may be on the slightly briefer side. So please forgive me, I will be back to normal soon but right now I have a lot of things happening that I cannot afford to push to the side.

So, I am going to carry on enjoying the few hours of free reading I have left until I inevitably collapse from exhaustion.

Until tomorrow my friends,

Helen x


2 thoughts on “#AYearAThon Day 5

  1. I’ve been meaning to read that Snyder series, it looks really interesting. I hate books that drag out the series for ages – just stop, please. Good luck with your exams! 🙂


    1. Agreed! I wouldn’t mind but the last three or four books are the same thing over and over again, oh no someone done something bad, oh no, no-one believes her. Wah! Summarising the House of Night Series from around book 7.

      Thanks for the luck, I’m gonna need every ounce!

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