#AYearAThon Day 2! Series complete!

Hey guys,

Just a quick drop in, it is in fact day 3 now but I wanted to tell you what I got completed in Day 2! I did spend majority of the day at uni working on my final assignment- which is scary enough as is! I did manage to read about 50 pages while I was actually at uni but the real reading came when I got home.

I got home around 6pm and continued reading Half Lost by Sally Green, I admit that I shed a tear at the end of Half Wild but seriously guys- I bawled for about an hour when I read the last two chapters. Emotionally I was useless until after 11pm. I just kept wondering around the house holding the series in my hands wanting to know why! Then I learnt something- there are two more stories, Half Lies and Half Truth by Sally Green and guys, I will be getting them as soon as I can.

half lost

It got to 11pm and I said to myself, ‘Helen, you have too much to read to be hung up on one book for days! Go grab the next book!’ So I did. I grabbed Where She Went by Gayle Forman. Although I did continue reading passed midnight, I did get to page 192 (72% according to Goodreads!) which was surprising. This is a true contemporary in my opinion- no magic, no weird creatures, no real paranormal happenings. Just a love story gone wrong, and because of that I felt it to be slower, less happened. I’m 72% through and it feels like one conversation, of course it’s all set in one 24 hour period so there are boundaries. In spite of all that, I am actually liking it, and it will probably be finished before lectures begin on day 3.

where she went

Let’s see what we can get read today my friends!

Helen x


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