My ridiculous April Wrap up

Hey guys,

It’s gotten to the end of the month and I have a crazy wrap-up for you, I have read a total of 21 books, which is the most books I have ever read in a month and that is completely due to the back-to-back read-a-thons this month. So, if you have been part of any of the read-a-thons from April, thank you!

I’m not going to lie, I did set myself the aim of completing Camp NaNoWriMo this month, but as uni work piled up and the read-a-thons started flowing, all I wanted to do was read. I managed just over 20,000 words on my NaNo project itself, and a few thousand spread across short story drafts that I have begun working on. I did feel guilty about this, especially as I was extremely pumped to get back into NaNo mode at the start of April; but perhaps it was my stresses and pressures of PhD application that stomped out my writing bug this month, I just know that the moment I started focusing on the documents I needed to make the next step in my career, everything other than reading was put on hold.

Even though I did fail, I do feel that I have made progress in so many other parts of my life, I am back on my weight loss journey and have managed to lose 2lb this month so far. I know that that is not a lot, however I am starting to implement more and eventually I will get to my target weight. I have pushed my career and started a voluntary research assistant post, which has taken more time but the experience is vital if I want to continue with my academic career. I am currently working as part of an FBI research team which is extremely nervous but at the same time exhilarating.

So lets look at the books I have read this month!

I am not going to go through every single book that I have read this month, I have covered them pretty well across all of the wrap-up I have posted for the read-a-thons. I did complete a few books outside of the read-a-thons, they were the complete Benedicts Series, the first three I did read across the read-a-thon but I did complete ‘Misty Falls’ and ‘Angel Dares’ after the read-a-thon madness was over. I absolutely loved this series and would highly recommend for fast paced, cute, action packed, and well developed characters. Joss Stirling outdoes herself with every instalment and I honestly cannot wait for the next!

I did read quite a few retellings this month, including Sisters Red which is a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, a slower paced book but still really enjoyable. I then read Cruel Beauty which was a Beauty and the Beast retelling, however I would arguably say it was more of a twisted Rumplstilkskin retelling and I would highly recommend! However, my absolute favourite retelling of the month was definitely The Shadow Queen which was a Snow White retelling with magic and dragons- guys, go buy this book!

I think if I had to choose my top five reads this month, it would be difficult. I would have to go with:

  1. Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch- a YA fantasy that has a beautiful world and fabulous characters! I have reviewed the series so far and loved every book!
  2. Benedicts Series by Joss Stirling- I’m counting all five of these books as one, mainly because they are just over 200 pages each and read so quick that I loved them all. I highly recommend these paranormal romances, and that doesn’t happen very often.
  3. Poison Study & Magic Study by Maria V Snyder- These are the first two books in a wonderful series, they are fast paced and highly addictive. I have the next five books on my TBR across the next month and cannot wait.
  4. The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings- a fantastic dystopian horror-esque book, again very fast paced with lots of action and great characters, keep an eye out for the review that will be up very soon. Excellent read!
  5. The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine- an excellent retelling, with so many unique characters, and a plot line that blows you away. So many twists and turns for a short books and honestly, the next books needs to be out- like today.

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Overall, I am super happy with the month of April. I know I could have written more this month but I am happy with the progress I made. Although I haven’t made any haul posts specifically, I have picked up a lot of books this month so I think I will be putting myself on a book buying ban for the months of May and June, with the exception of any pre-orders I already have. Mainly because I am running out of room on my three TBR bookcases, I have an excess of 300 books on my TBR pile and I really need to focus on getting that number down. A lot.

I think for May, I will attempt to read a lot of the series I have on my shelf at the moment. I have a lot of half-read series that have a few books to complete. This will be helped along with the #AYearAThon which is series based this month- I am so excited for that. I will be putting up a post of all the books on my TBR bookcases, perhaps a separate page so I can update and show the progress over the next few months. I am aiming on getting it down to around 50 books, so I have a long way to go. I hope you will stick with me through that journey.

So lets see what May has in stall for me, you, and this blog,

Helen x


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