#AYearAThon TBR Lets do this!

Hey guys,

So here we are, starting another month of read-a-thons with the #AYearAThon, a monthly read-a-thon that has themes, I have missed the last few and cannot wait to get back on track with it. The dates of the read-a-thon are:

May 2nd-8th 2016

Thankfully, this month the theme is…

Series progress!

So that means all the books on this TBR are to make progress on the many, many, MANY series I have on my TBR shelves. I do have a lot of coursework and exam prep to do this week and even though I will be committing the whole weekend to reading (naughty but I will be working extra hard through the week!), I will only be putting so many books on here.

So lets begin!

half lostOkay, so while I am writing this post I am reading Half Wild by Sally Green, the sequel to Half Bad, so for the first read on my TBR, I plan on completing the trilogy with Half Lost. This book sounds amazing! This series is amazing! I loved the first one, I pre-ordered the second and then forgot about it because I was in a reading slump. When the third one appeared on my doorstep I wanted to jump back into the series but I was in the middle of so many books that I couldn’t justify starting another. But I am now. At 352 pages, it is not an extremely long book, so I am hoping that I can fly through it and complete it on the Monday (being bank holiday and all…).

So when I originally considered my TBR pile for this, I was only going to put the next in the series, however I will only have one more (that I currently own- that is) and I may as well push through and attempt to finally get to the end of this dragging series. That is The House of Night Series, by P.C. and Kristin Cast. Now I plan on completing the tenth and eleventh books in the series Hidden and Revealed and have ordered the final instalment Redeemed just to complete the series sooner, however it is not scheduled to arrive until way after the end of this read-a-thon.

fire studyNext I have decided to go with the next instalment of a series that I am absolutely loving right now, and that is the chronicles of Ixia which is slowly turning into the best fantasy series ever (okay, bar Harry Potter but that’s a given!). I completed the first two over the last month and cannot wait to sink into Fire Study by Maria V Snyder. Although there is another book on my TBR, I have decided that if I can get all of the set TBR complete I would like to progress through to Storm Glass.

where she went.pngThe final book on my set TBR is the sequel to a book I read last year, If I stay by Gayle Forman, and that is Where she went. I loved If I stay and it is one of the few true contemporaries that managed to hold my focus through to the end, so I cannot wait until I can finally read the duology.

Okay, it is unlikely that I will be able to get all of these complete by the end of the week. However I have learnt over the last month that I am extremely good at finding reading time when I want to. So that being said, I am adding a few extras in case I do manage to read all of those set above:

  • The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig, the first in the series; although I have both books I am yet to even open the cover.
  • The Map of Bones by Francesca Haig, the sequel to The Fire Sermon, it would be nice to have the series caught up with as I don’t know whether there will be another as this has only just been released.
  • Kill me softly by Sarah Cross is the first book in the Beau Rivage Series, picked this book up accidentally in a library haul and I know next to nothing about it. Just that it looks short and sweet, and a little interesting.
  • Tear me Apart by Sarah Cross is the second book in the Beau Rivage Series, although there are several novellas between I don’t own any of these (and frankly only just found our about them thanks to goodreads) so I don’t plan on getting them unless I really love this series.

So lets take a peek at my two book aims for the week:

Set TBR books: 5

Optional extras: 5

The book I am most looking forward to: Half Lost by Sally Green

So, are you going to be participating in #AYearAThon? If so let me know what you’ll be reading in the comments below, leave me links to your TBR posts and good luck to everyone taking part!

Until next time,

Helen x



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