Review: Cruel Beauty

Hey guys,

So I thought I better get myself in gear and start on all of the April reviews, you know, since April ends in 3 days and all. So because of the number of books I read during April, I don’t think I will realistically be able to review them all, but I will review as many as I can! I am going to start with Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. cruel beauty

Since birth, Nyx has been betrothed to the evil ruler of her kingdom- all because of a reckless bargain her father struck. And since birth, she has been training to kill him.

Although a lot more information is written on the back, I don’t think it should be there. You end up knowing too much and it does take away from the book slightly. However, this is a fantastic read because it both lifts the spirits and sets all the emotions going. You cannot help but get attached to the characters, especially the ‘evil-overlord’.

Okay, this is a spoiler free zone, we all know that; and the romance really is not a spoiler as it is written right there on the front cover!

Her mission was to kill him
Her destiny was too love him.

I know foreshadowing and romance sells, but one of the biggest plot twists shouldn’t be revealed before the reader opens the first page. I think it really did take a lot away from the book, especially when characters are fighting each other, you instantly think back to the cover and realise that she will love him in the end, no matter what happens. It definitely spoilt it a bit for me.

However, if I try and ignore the terrible cover reveal/ info splurge of a blurb, I did really love the book. I love how fast paced it was, reading in ‘sadly’ two sittings instead of one- sometimes I hate having to adult. I found the characters to come alive and yes, some could have been rounded off a little better and I couldn’t get the proper attachment to some because things were spoilt, but I really did love the characters.

One of the things I truly loved about the characters, was the humour and light-hearted nature, clashed with the situation. Normally, that might have annoyed the hell out of me, but for a demon to be so light-hearted and dare I say ‘funny’, it really pulled it off well.

Something I am struggling to understand is how there can be a sequel, the ended was well wrapped up, no real cliff-hangers, nothing that would suggest a continuation. However, crimson bound is meant to continue the story. I will be picking crimson bound up soon.

In spite of the self-made spoilers, I really did enjoy the book and would give it a solid 4.5 stars and would definitely recommend you to read- without reading the front or back of course.

If you would like to pick up a copy of Cruel Beauty, you can grab it on both Amazon and The Book Depository.

Until next time my friends,

Helen x



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