Dewey’s 24hr read-a-thon! TBR

Hey guys,

So I have left it pretty late to announce my TBR for tomorrow (for me it starts at 1PM and runs till 1PM on sunday afternoon) and that is because I have swapped up the order I wanted to tackle books this week and it has thrown me. So, I will be discussing the whole of Saturday and Sunday, and in my wrap up (Sunday evening) I will explain exactly what got read between the times.

Firstly, I had planned completing this today however I really don’t feel well so I am leaving the last 100 pages to finish in the morning. I am planning on spending the entire weekend in bed reading- there is no judgement on this page so please no comments on such ambitions- and that does include the reading of this. So the first task I have to complete is Destined by P.C. and Krisitn Cast, a book that I have struggled to push myself through for the author-a-thon TBR challenge of a book by multiple authors. However, with only 100 pages left I do hope to have this completed long before Dewey’s begins for me.

I also plan on completing the remaining three short stories in The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas, they are roughly 80 pages long each so I plan on using them to break up other reading or binge, I don’t really know right now.

I also plan on tackling some larger reads, by larger reads I mean full length novels. Once I have completed the books above, I only have two books left on my author-a-thon TBR pile and it is only logical to begin with them.

So, I will be tackling Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes, a book that I have attempted to tackle before however I was in a reading slump and then DNF’d the book- something I try extremely hard not to do. Although it is the second longest book on the TBR, at 412 pages I should be able to complete it alongside the others, especially across the two days. Whether that remains within the specific 24 hours I will let you know.

The last book on the original TBR is Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton, a debut author that has caused mass awe and love in the booktube community and I am eager to understand why. I cannot say why this has rested at the bottom of the pile, perhaps it’s because it was the first book to be chosen and therefore stacked… you know what, I am babbling about this book. At 358 pages, it should be a relatively quick read, I know I am already pushing the boundaries of an absurd TBR for this 24 hour period but not all of these pages will be read within the 24 hours (of that I can be certain- but which books I will be on at the time is too difficult to determine!).

Finally, I wanted to attempt to read another, one that was not on my original TBR pile for this week, and that is stealing phoenix by Joss Stirling, a companion to finding sky that I read last week. I now have every published book from this series and plan on completing them all by the end of May, and since they are all relatively short (this one scratches in at 264 pages) I think I can squeeze it in for the read-a-thon.

So, for my crazy TBR for Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon, I plan on attempting 1452pages worth of reading, across five books. I am hoping that Destined and at least one short story from The Assassin’s Blade will be complete before the clock strikes 1PM, but I will let you know the start and finish spaces of each book!

So, my friends, what do you plan on tackling for those 24 measly hours? Let me know down below. It may change my mind as to what I will end up reading!

Good luck to all, and until next time my friends,

Helen x


5 thoughts on “Dewey’s 24hr read-a-thon! TBR

    1. I think I need all the luck to get through all of these pages! I have managed to complete Destined before the read-a-thon officially begins so that’s 100 less pages to worry about! I am checking out your TBR post now! I love to hear what everyone is planning on tackling for read-a-thons!

      So far I am enjoying Assassin’s Blade, less assassin-y than I thought it would be, but definitely just right for breaking up bigger reading!

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