The Intimidating TBR Tag!


I am doing a tag… at last! So this is a short tag about why I haven’t read certain books, developed by the lovely Lindsey Rey! An honestly inspirational booktuber and has pulled me out of so many reading slumps I cannot explain! So lets get into the questions!

What is a book that you were unable to finish?

game of thronw

Well, for me, this is Game of Thrones by the infamous G.R.R. Martin and I did try guys, I got 8-9ths of the way through but I was ill when I was trying to push through this and fell into a dreary slump that I have long been out of. But with the length of the book, and the time since I actually picked the book up last, I guess I will have to reread that bugger because guys I cant just leave a book for a year and remember everything I need to continue without major confusion!

A book that you haven’t read because you just haven’t had the time.

heavenly fire

Guys, I am ashamed to admit this book- the series is on my all time favourite series list and I haven’t finished it… City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare. Please, don’t kill me. But have you seen the length of this beast? Every time I go to restart the series so I can marathon all the way through and understand all the angst and heartbreak once more, I look at the rest of my books on my TBR bookshelves and remember that I could easily read three or more of those while trying to finish just that book- let alone the other 5 as rereads… point proven?

A book I haven’t read because it is a sequel.

21440647Again, this is on my all time favourite series list but I just haven’t been able to pick it up yet because I know I will want to go straight into the next one and we have to wait till September for it… and that is Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas. The Throne of Glass Series got me out of a major reading slump, through me back into the fantasy genre and kept me there. But I just haven’t picked up Queen of Shadows because I know, deep down I know, that I will need more from the series than is out. But I will be marathoning the entire series so far leading up to the next release date!

A book I haven’t read yet because it is brand new.

everman series

Well guys I am going to go for a whole series because I was recently browsing Amazon as you do, and the entire quartet ended up in a box on my doorstep and now I am looking at all the books and thinking- oh hot damn that’s a lot! I am talking of the Evermen Saga by James Maxwell, it’s a high fantasy series and basically that is all I know. They were cover buys and because its a series I needed to have them all… because that is how I buy books and I am ridiculously terrible with money!

A book you haven’t read yet because you didn’t like something by the same author.

young elitesOkay, so I am going to change this around a little. The book I have chosen for this isn’t because I didn’t like her previous series, in fact I loved it and recommend it to everyone that for some reason hasn’t already read it- but I just don’t think this series will live up to the previous and I don’t want to tar what I think of the author. A stupid reason, I am fully aware, but I keep getting anxious about it every time I go to put it on my monthly TBR pile. And that is The Young Elites by Marie Lu, I adore the Legend Trilogy but I need to encouragement that this matches that series because I keep eyeing up the sequel and I know I shouldn’t buy it till I have gotten over this irrational fear and read the first one!

A book you haven’t read because you just haven’t been in the mood.

the fault in our starsThis one is a rather touching one, and majority of people will understand that after a close death and family suffering from the same ailment, you don’t really want to surround yourself with it in your reading as well. It is for that reason that I have avoided The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Guys, I know that this is a fantastic read, that it is a play on your emotions in a way that most don’t understand. But after everything cancer related I have been through over the last two years, I cant face it in my one part of cancer free life. It still sits on my shelf waiting for the day I can read it without remembering everyone I have lost, everyone I know that battles everyday with it, and everyone I am thankful are in remission. I have a feeling that I am not the only one avoiding this amazing book for exactly the same reason.

A book you haven’t read because it is huge.

Well, this is not going to be a shock for you because it’s one that I have already discussed, The City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare is huge, sitting a 725 pages it doesn’t sound as much, but when you look at the size of the book format (huge ass pages!) you realise that 1. it will be a constant arm workout while reading it and 2. Each page would be two pages in a normal size book!

A book you haven’t read because it was a cover buy.

fire sermon

This was a cover buy, and so was the sequel. Story of my life. But seriously, I haven’t heard much about this book/series in general, not good or bad in particular. With an average star rating of 3.64 on Goodreads, The Fire Sermon by Francesa Haig is still sitting on my shelf waiting for the day I decide to peel back the flame covered dust jacket and delve into the world beneath. It may have to a wait a little while.

And finally, what is the most intimidating book on your TBR pile?

Can you guess which one it will be? Of course you can! Hello, City of Heavenly Fire again. I promise I will get to you, this year. I promise.

So, now you know what I am fearing to read. Looking at this list I am questioning why I am putting these off, especially The Young Elites and The Fire Sermon.

Are you brave enough to tell everyone what is on your most intimidating TBR? Let me know below.

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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