Author-a-thon participation!

Hey guys,

Just your read-a-thon addict here to announce yet another read-a-thon announcement because I am on the highest reading high for years- I have hit 10 books for the month so far and really want to try and push to 20 because life isn’t crazy enough this month!

So this is a new read-a-thon hosted by Joana Sousa on youtube and co-hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes who decided to work a read-a-thon around the author rather than the book itself. This read-a-thon runs from:

Monday 18th of April to Sunday 24th of April!

It was decided that there is two ways of completing this read-a-thon.

1. Focus on one author

So you have a lot of books by one author that you haven’t read, you basically aim to read as many of these books as possible across the week.

However, not everyone stockpiles books from one author without reading them, so there is a second option!

2. Challenges!

There are 6 challenges, if you choose this option you don’t have to do every challenge, and you can stack challenges!

  1. Book by your favourite author
  2. Book by a debut author (2015/2016 debut author)
  3. Book by a new author to you
  4. Give an author a second chance
  5. Read a book by more than one author (this can include anthologies and ghost writers)
  6. Read a book by an author from a different continent

So I have decided to take the second route because, well I have a lot of books and the only person I have a decent number of books by that I haven’t read is Brandon Sanderson and those are not read-a-thon books- not in the slightest!

So below are the 6 books I will be attempting to read this week, with the corresponding challenge in brackets.

  • The Assassins Blade by Sarah J Maas (challenge #1)
  • Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton (challenge #2)
  • Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine (challenge #3)
  • Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes (challenge #4)
  • Destined by P.C. and Kristin Cast (challenge #5)
  • Magic Study by Maria V Snyder (challenge #6)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So those are the books I will be attempting to read for author-a-thon, will you be participating? Let me know in the comments below what you plan on reading (feel free to leave links to your own announcement posts/ youtube vidoes!).

Also, have you read any of the books on my list for this week? Which do you think I must… must… must read? Let me know!

Tomorrow I will be wrapping up this weeks genrethon so stay tuned my friends!

Helen x


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