Genrethon midpoint update… a little late!

Hey guys,

So this isn’t a formal wrap-up, I just want to drop in and let you all know that I have been reading like crazy and have so far completed three books!

So genrethon started on the 10th, overlapping with TBR Takedown 3.5, so I also overlaid my tbr pile to include ‘The Girl at Midnight’ by Melissa Grey and guys this book blew me away! I loved it, a definite 5* read and one of the few magical realism books that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I originally believed that this was a standalone, however I have discovered it is in fact part of a trilogy and have pre-ordered the second!

Next I continued reading ‘king of thorns’ by Mark Lawrence and guys, oomf  I have been picking out some fantastic reads for these back to back read-a-thons! Boom! Another 5* read! As high fantasy goes, this series is kicking some serious booty! I will be posting a review of this because honestly, guys this series just keeps getting better and better!

Finally, I have finished ‘Cruel Beauty’ by Rosamund Hodge. As far as fairytale retellings are concerned, I loved this book. The characters were well rounded and frankly made me laugh more times than I think it should- in a good way I promise! Although the ending confused me a little I still think this is a strong 4.5* read, and will sit at 5* on goodreads because I don’t think it deserves to be lowered any more.

I have made a little progress on two other books, I’ve read 50 pages of ‘The Redemption of Althalus’ by David and Leigh Eddings, not as much progress as I would have liked but we still have a few days left and I plan on having a weekend of reading so there is hope to get a few hundred pages read (of the 900+). I have also made a start on ‘Finding Sky’ by Joss Stirling, and I am liking it more than I thought. I see A LOT of Twilight similarities in the book, but I loved reading Twilight so I have high hopes for the short read.

So like I said, I plan on spending the rest of the week reading, bar a little homework I have to do. So I plan on:

  • Finishing Finding Sky tonight
  • Reading Ice like Fire by Sara Raasch tomorrow
  • Reading The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings on sunday
  • Reading 200-300 pages of The Redemption of Althalus’ across all the remaining days

So what have you been reading for genrethon? If your not participating, have you read anything this week? Let me know in the comments below.

A new read-a-thon has been announced for next week and I will be participating, I have been scowering my bookshelves for books to meet the six challenged of the author-a-thon and my tbr will be posted either tomorrow or Sunday so keep your eyes peeled!

Until then my friends, keep reading, writing, and smiling,

Helen x



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