Camp Day 003: 10k day!

Hey Guys,

Yeah, you read that title right! I hit 20,141 words today which means I wrote over 10,000 words! Can I get a whoop whoop down in the comments?

I can honestly say that I didn’t expect to make it to 10k today, I was stopping every 1000 words to clean and get other little jobs done (hello food my old friend). But alas I think this actually helped. That and working through the entire second year harry potter word crawl (thank you word crawl creators!).

So I am three days in and have almost made it to the half way point word count wise, plot wise, I am on chapter 4 and I have found that I have been adding more and more subplots that have surprised even me.

I am stopping writing a little early today, mainly because I don’t want to burn out completely. But also Wrestlemania is on tonight and I cannot wait to watch!

So how has your day 3 gone? Good I hope!

Until tomorrow my friends,

Helen x


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