Camp day 001: Wrap up!

Hey guys,

So the end of day one is here and I have managed to push myself through 6014 words. I am please with myself, not quite the 10,000 words I was aiming for but- hey- 6000 words with change, is good enough for me.

Plus I got to spend some great time with my family today!

I think I managed to get a bit of a buffer, now to keep up the pace and bag my 50,000 by the end of week 1. (a little over enthusiasm there!)

Because of the pace, I am contemplating starting to plan out a second book to start this month- nothing permanent yet, but I am thinking witches and secret lands. But I wont be starting this second project until I get to the end of Red Peril, and I am aiming for approximately 80,000 to 90,000 for Red Peril.

I hope your day is going well. Drop me a link to your NaNo page and I shall give you a follow, and let me know, how are you finding first day of camp?

Until tomorrow my friends,

Helen x


2 thoughts on “Camp day 001: Wrap up!

  1. I’m not participating, but I love that the wordsprints twitter is back up and running; may get a few extra words out of this month in the midst of my editing fun. Good luck keeping up that pace!


    1. Glad to here that you have a benefit! I love wordsprints! They get me through so many words it’s unreal. You can edit through camp? If you want to set yourself a page target or chapter target for the month.

      I’ll be doing these everyday for the month, alongside a few hints and tips posts. So I apologise if you get a little bored of them before the end. I know it can get tiresome for those not participating. If there is anything you would like to see this month- non-NaNo related I would be happy to try!

      I hope you have a wonderful month and thank you for your comments, they always make me smile.

      Helen x


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