Camp NaNo! It has begun!

So guys,

Just a quick update from me, it is now 1:20am and I have been working on the Extreme Harry Potter Word Crawl from the NaNo forum to push through some words before bed. Well I am happy to report that after the first six tasks, I have reached a happy 2154 words!

Right, well I must admit that I am a medium writer on the word crawl (I may save the higher level- pureblood level- until my second go through these later in the month. my favourite so far is definitely the fifth task- write to the nearest 1000, which just so happen to be 500 words away. Challenges like that really get your words flowing and soon you have scenes filling out.

I am going to head to bed now and get up to crank out the next 8000 words in the morning!

I will leave you with a sentence in fact the last sentence I wrote, a tiny glimpse into the world of my characters…

 Her laughter filled my mind and body, shaking every bone, loosening every muscle.

red 2

Helen x

P.S. Leave me your word counts for the day below, whether you are taking part in Camp this year or not!



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