Lets wrap up March!

Hey guys,

So I know that this wrap up is on the early side, but with camp starting tomorrow I guessed you really wouldn’t mind! Now emotionally, March has been a devastating month for me; with the loss of my Grandmother I didn’t want to see the end of the month. But, typing frankly, I realised that this was simply one of the stages of grief I needed to push myself through- and frankly she would have whopped my ass for being so sad all the time. I know I haven’t posted as much as I wanted this month but I didn’t want to damped the spirit of the blog with whiney or low posts… especially with an event like camp to get pumped for.

Blog-wise this month, I am happy with the gradual gathering of followers and increased interaction in the comment sections- it honestly brings a smile to my face! I have set myself progress aims for this blog for over the next few months (similar to my writing goals!) including several post ‘series’ that will be hitting your screens very soon!

I hope you will continue to join me through April for my Camp NaNo experience, with hopefully short daily updates on my progress, feelings, and story hints and tips.

Although I have kept you pretty informed on the writing front over the last few weeks, I am happy to report that ‘Red Peril’ is now (well for now) completely outlined; including a plot twist that blew my mind. It was all thanks to a close friend’s poetry, so hopefully if I get her permission, I can share that poem with you throughout April!

*Permission is exceptionally important to me, as a creative member of society, the plagiarism of another’s work both infuriates and saddens me.

So I’ve had a good writing month. Technically, I have had a good uni month; assignments were handed in on time and applications are either ready for nervous submission or are still being drafted (but don’t terrify my completely anymore!). Although I still have a lot to complete over the next few months, and some major decisions regarding my future in education, I am confident that the end of my Masters programme will be a bitter sweet ending to this part of my life.

You’re going to ask me about my reading, oh- I knew it!

I read two books this month guys… I am ashamed. Firstly I read ‘The Darkest Part of the Forest’ by Holly Black, I loved it; check out the review here! However, my favourite read of the year so far- well, definitely in the top two… cough Prince of Thorns… was ‘Poison Study’ by Maria V Snyder! Guys, this is the book I will recommend! Its a bit dark, mysterious, funny, twisty, turny, heart-pumping gloriousness! Check out my review!

Even with only reading two complete books this month, I am still 2 books ahead of my goodreads challenge for the year!

I know- it’s shameful! I did make good progress on two other books this month. One I am really pissed that I didn’t finish! Mainly because I misplaced the dang thing! And that was ‘Sisters Red’ by Jackson Pearce… definitely will be finished in April as I absolutely love it! Secondly, I started the epic ‘King of Thorns’ by Mark Lawrence! I am 200 pages in and I have laughed, cried with sadness, and for once, cried out of pure anger towards the antagonist! This may- just may- swipe ‘Prince of Thorns’ from the top spot for the year… and I still have to get to ‘Emperor of Thorns’!

Other than finish the two books above, I have one humungous read for April; at 900+ pages, anyone would class this as a big read! And that is ‘The Redemption of Althalus’ by David and Leigh Eddings… a recommendation and loan from my brother, this is definitely going to be a good read!

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So to review, I had a crap month but you guys made me smile and focus on something wonderful!

Thank you!

My aim for April, well, is to survive first and foremost. I will be aiming for really short (I mean like, some of these will be a sentence and a number- that kind of short!) daily updates regarding Camp NaNo; getting through Uni in one piece (that is my recurring monthly goal let’s face it!) and to finish two books and make a good dent in the third.

I do have one special post coming up in April, and it’s on writing through grief and conveying your emotions into words; whether they be on the page or actually talking to someone… human interaction… yikes!

So let me know below, when you have hit a hard point in your life, and no- I wont ask you what your hard point was, did writing help you? Did you find it help process and convey what is going through your mind?

So with a thankful smile, I will see you next time my friends,

Helen x


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