Planning for Camp NaNoWriMo

Guys… it’s here,

Right, lets get one thing straight. I will be participating in Camp NaNo this year! You read that correctly; with a funeral, 13 deadlines, and other writing projects (anthologies here I come!); I will still be aiming to write a 50,000 word manuscript for a shiny new project.

camp nano

My thought process is this…

I want to get more than one book published a year- there are three NaNo opportunities a year- there are revision months between. Okay, the chances of getting 3 publishable books completed a year are slim; so I shifted the focus (after a really long and stern talk with myself about setting unrealistic expectations of my own performance…) I decided to aim for:

  • A published book (yes that means one traditionally published book- still to get anywhere near this goal yet) a year
  • Two eBooks a year (self-published, slightly shorter, and frankly they are great for camp NaNo projects- like this one!)
  • Consistent production of short stories and flash fiction pieces

But Helen…

Camp NaNo starts in 10 days and you haven’t told us a single thing about this beautiful shiny new project… do you even have one?

I do. I promise.

As you may recall (from a few lines up…) I had a small mountain worth of assignments due-in, in April (okay, some of those are due May 1st- but really I will need them completed before the deadline!). So I have been focusing on getting those ‘bashed-out’ and ready to just spend time editing over April. Alongside uni assignments, I also have applications for studentships and internships that are due in April and I really need to get cracking on those… I r-e-a-l-l-y don’t want to crack on with those 😦

So the premise of my ‘little’ project… guess what guys- yup- its another fantasy! This time we are heading down the fairy tale retelling lane and doing some seriously sprucing up!

‘Red Peril’

So let me introduce the first of my three main characters- Red, yes you guessed it, Little Red Riding- when King ‘Wolf’ killed her grandmother and reeked havoc on the kingdom, he made a tonne of enemies and Red, well Red has a gift of blood foresight allowing her to predict and even manipulate bloody deaths. With an army of enemies surrounding you, you’re gonna take advantage of that and make Red your own personal assassin- even if she hates every breath in your body.

Next we have Jack, formerly Prince Jack II; he is the son to the late King Jack (and still remembers his fathers tales of great beanstalks and sources of their wealth- hint hint). However, once ‘Wolf’ took the crown and butchered his father, Jack has been on the run. But the Wolf isn’t the only hunter in these lands… and now he holds all the gold, allegiances start flooding in and soon Jack is in a dinky little cell awaiting his fate. But I couldn’t be so cruel as to kill of the last rightful heir to the thrown, could I?

And finally we have B, the cursed daughter of King ‘Wolf’s’ newly appointed head of army (yet to be named); now B’s curse is of a unique nature. Against her will, whenever the need arises (or dream) her body manipulates itself- quite painfully I may add- into whatever it deems will help the situation. Although B never realised the potential of this ‘gift’ when she was miraculously changing into furniture whenever an awkward conversation come up, or she really wanted to hide; King ‘Wolf’ found a more… entertaining use of her skill. Brawling for her life, turning into a chair really wont cut it- earning her way up, an opportunity to escape proves too good to miss.

But there is never anything more cunning than a Wolf.

A little of the inspiring images behind this story… I’m liking Red.

I am attempting to plot out ‘Red Peril’ (working title) using the three act structure; and I will definitely be keeping you informed on how I find this technique! Between now and the end of April, expect more writing related posts, perhaps not writing itself but rather discussions and opinions on different aspects of the process. In April I am considering sharing snippets of my writing- rough first draft writing mind because, well NaNo!

I would really appreciate a little comment activity, so are you ready for NaNo? Have you got a project biting at your fingertips to start? Let me know!

Until next time my friends,

Helen x


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