Poison Study: A Review

Hey guys,

So I am back for the second review of my March reads and it’s another cracker! Poison Study by Maria V Snyder is the first instalment in the ‘Chronicles of Ixia’ series which is currently a seven book series with the latest ‘Night Study’ being released not long ago!

There is a reason it is a it’s on bet selling lists!

untitled (71) How much is your life worth?

In ther territory of Ixia control is maintained through the Code of Behaviour forbidding the practice of magic, but danger lurks in mysterious places…

Imprisoned for murder, Yelena Zaltana’s punishment is death, unless she accepts the position of the Commander of Ixia’s food taster… and risk assassination from poison daily.

In a world where magic equals death and freedom is for the lucky few, the battle for Yelena’s life has just begun.

Now for what you are told in the blurb, you expect one story but are pleasantly surprised with a much more intricate and fast paced story. This is not just the story of a murderer becoming a food taster, it is a path of discovering who this character is and a personal journey of recovery.

This wonderfully written YA Fantasy has earned it’s place in the top books of 2016, and I highly doubt it will be knocked from that list in the months to come. It has everything I search for in a fantasy, action, danger – real danger and not some coincidental danger, friendships, a little bit of love (but seriously, not much and well written!), and outstanding characters that show depth and growth throughout the book.

Now this is the start of a pretty decent length series so world building is rife throughout, but it is exceptionally well written and not just placed there for the sake of it.

For once I didn’t guess all the bad guys! Some are obvious, but some just sock-you when you least expect it and wham your in emotional turmoil for the rest of the day!

This is a fast paced read and you could easily complete this in one sitting (if you don’t have work or study commitments you have to honour that day 😦 boo!) as each page is filled with one plot twist after another.

As you can probably imagine, this book earned itself a solid 5 stars and I plan on tackling ‘Magic study’ and potentially ‘Fire study’ this month (perhaps replacing some of the other reads on my TBR list).


Thank you Maria V Snyder (@miriank) for this beautiful fantasy escape, it was saddening having to return to reality when I reached that final page.

Helen x

Guys, I highly recommend you pick this series up from either Amazon or the Book Depository and get it on your TBR for this week!


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