A Thousand Nights: A Review


I am on a roll! Another great book done and done! This is an Arabian Knights retelling with a fantastic twist! And I definitely believe that you should add this to your TBR pile right now… in fact scratch that I think it should be the next book you read!

Can we just appreciate the covers for a moment? There are two versions but both are awe inspiring, both intricate and catch the eye perfectly. Admittedly I was drew to this book purely on its cover and I am not ashamed of that! Who wouldn’t be drew into books that looked like this?

untitled (68)

 Check out the blurb guys!

Lo-Melkhiin killed three hundred girls before he came to my village, looking for a wife.

When Lo-Melkhiin- a formidable king- arrives in the desert with his army, he is determined to take one of the village girls to be his next wife. But one girl, desperate to save her beautiful sister from certain death at his hands, makes the ultimate sacrifice- pushing herself forward instead, and leaving home and family behind to go to her fate with this fearful man.

But a strange magic seems to flow between this girl and Lo-Melkhiin, and night after night she manages to survive. Finding power in storytelling, the words she speaks are given strange life of their own. Little things at first: a dress from home, a vision of her sister. But as she dreams bigger she raises more terrible magic, with power enough to save a king… if she can only stop her heart from falling for a monster first…

untitled (33)

Okay, there are two key things you need to know about going into this book! Firstly, this is a culturally diverse book and it fits perfectly into one of my aims for this year- to read books from different cultural points of view. And secondly, it contains magical realism; beautifully written magical realism that draws you in and holds you there!

Although I loved this book, it didn’t quite reach perfection as there were a few things that let it down. Firstly, there wasn’t much in terms of character development; I think the main character stayed pretty much platonic throughout but there are side characters that you learn a lot about and see them develop- if not fully, but more so than the main character.

I think that there was a clear plot hole that I feel should have been answered by the end of the book, when it wasn’t it leaves you with many answers and as a stand alone I think it should have wrapped up a bit better than it did. In fact I may go as far as saying the end was a cop-out, it didn’t match the pace of the story and I think the author took an easier way out.

Now, this is not to say that this book was a waste- I think it was a beautiful book written in a unique way. It had its flaws- like so many of the books on our shelves- but I highly recommend a read! Especially if you are looking to culturally diversify your reading.

There were things wrong with the book but that didn’t stop me giving it a strong 4 stars!

Helen x



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