Glass Sword: A Review

Hey guys,

So like I promised I am really picking up the pace with my reading and I have finished my third book for February (that’s if you don’t include the ones I finish with my niece for bed time reading!)! This also means that I am currently ahead of my Goodreads challenge for 2016!

You know what that means… review time!

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard was one of my most anticipated books for 2016, I read Red Queen towards the end of last year and knew I had to read the next one!

So of course I pre-ordered it and it arrived release day!

I wish I could have started it that day but I was surrounded by half finished books that I wanted to push through (Graceling by Kristin Cashore and Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence- check out there reviews!) so I had to wait until the weekend 😦 But now I’ve read it!

As you would have guessed I would usually stick the blurb right around here, so you can sink your teeth into what the story is about without too many spoilers! However! Glass Sword is a sequel… so if you know what’s gonna happen in this instalment then it kinda spoils Red Queen!

No spoilers- It’s my policy!

Now into the review itself!

images (3)
Glass Sword was a high three star; almost a four!


The beginning of Glass Sword is heavily reliant on the reader remembering everything from Red Queen, although it was a while between the books I did manage to remember enough that I wasn’t totally lost. However, if you have read many books between, or the details aren’t clear from how Red Queen ended, I highly recommend you re-reading Red Queen just to save yourself a bit of confusion for the first 100 pages or so.

With most series there is some sort of time break between the end of one book and the beginning of the next! However, Glass Sword continues immediately from the end of Red Queen which makes this series perfect for marathoning!

I’m gonna admit something- I got a little confused between the characters… especially whose brother is whose. But after the first two chapters everything kinda settled down and became clearer; I did put this down to waiting between books!

Trying not to give too much away I am going to stick to information you know by simply reading Red Queens blurb; in this dystopian society there are two factions, those with red blood and those with silver. Those with red blood are the menial workers, the disposables; whereas those with silver blood have special abilities and generally rule! However Mare is special, she has red blood but the ability to control lightening and she has turned society on its head!

Now Red Queen was filled with action and Glass Sword does not disappoint! Action from the get go!

However I did find it difficult to keep focused on the story, I found myself wondering off in my head and the story just didn’t hold me. Now this was a disappointment, I’m not going to lie; perhaps it was my expectations that really made it hard. I should have loved every word through the middle of the book, the plot line itself was really good, constantly moving.

As I think of the middle 200 pages more and more, I find myself understanding why I found myself drifting; there was constant description, describing where they are going, how they are going. Even though there was constant action, it was all description. Now this isn’t a fault per say, just a personal preference.

There is little more I can discuss without giving away a spoiler or two… so alas my readers; I shall leave this review here. I was hoping this would be a five star book, but alas it sits securely at a three star (almost reached four but there was something missing!).


Please note that any fault I have talked about in this review is purely personal, I have read many reviews stating the complete opposite to this. So please form your own opinions and if you have reviewed Glass Sword pop a link in the comments below and I will check it out!

Helen x


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