Safe Internet Day!

So hey guys,

Today is 9th February 2016 and it is National Safe Internet Day, where everyone around the world is encouraged to use the internet safely. This can be simple things like not giving out personal information to someone online, to safety when it comes to online banking.

Now these are all extremely important elements of Internet safety, don’t get me wrong! But I think there is something that is significantly more important!

Digital Citizenship!

Recently I attended the Digital Citizenship UK Summit 2016 held at Bournemouth University, and let me tell you it was an eye opener in the world of internet safety, and the role of digital citizenship for online safety!

Now, the main focus of the conference was the importance of getting children (yes children!) online and comfortable, safe, and educated about how to conduct themselves online!

There is a general under-estimate on the effects of your online footprint, but by listening to speakers such as Marialice (@digcitsummit) and Timmy Sullivan (@TimmySull1van) you begin to enthusiastically understand the need for education in this area!

The main thing that drew from the day was that online safety is not only about your physical safety, yes giving out your address online can result in some extremely horrendous, terrifying, and out-right dangerous situations (and I beg you please don’t fall trap to this!). But as our society moves further into this digital age, the more potential employees, business partners, corporations, etc… are going to look for your input online!

What are they going to see if they Google you?

So stop and think before you post anything online! Because trust me when I say that it will always be traced back to you! That someone will always be able to follow the online paper trail all the way back to you!

Internet safety is no longer just about preventing the bad things- its also about creating the good!

So please, this day of Internet Safety; think about your digital citizenship, think about what you are posting about yourself online, and most importantly stay safe, happy, and well!

Helen x


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