Am I scared to leave education?

In the last 22 years, the only time I haven’t been in education is when I was unable to walk and talk (I even went to pre-school a year early- 3 instead of 4); so why haven’t I been able to settle into a job like so many more of my classmates?

Now I am not saying that I haven’t worked, while I was at college I had a job and while I have been at Uni I have had two separate jobs, as well as voluntary roles within the University itself. But I have always been enrolled on a course- or two!

There is something about the structure of constant education that relaxes my anxiety! The constant learning and finding new things keeps me from being bored, and there is something about periodical testing that keeps me motivated towards something. Trust me, boredom strikes between years and I struggle with most things!

But this got me thinking, from when we first enter school we are engrained with the need for structure and education; told that education is everything and never taught what we should do besides work towards the next assessment!

Perhaps if I spent more time working on other things as a child, or at least once I got to college; I wouldn’t feel so anxious about choosing what to do next.

So tell me guys, are you afraid of leaving education? If so, why?

A night-time quandary,

Helen x


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