Okay, my idea was to have my first post a piece of writing; I had an idea and it started to flourish beautifully on the screen… but then I got a message!

untitled (59)

Now… as a huge Harry Potter fan I dedicated myself to this, I grabbed my new Harry Potter box-set and pondered how I was going to tackle 7 books in one day. Then I realised that I don’t have to- obviously, so when midnight struck on Thursday I grabbed Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and began to read.

I managed to complete the first half of the book before drifting off to sleep, I woke up as early as my body would allow (okay, it was 10 am, don’t judge me- please!) and sat in bed and finished the first book.


Of course, my review for the first book is a simple one; its a magical piece of perfection. It is the start of something beautiful, leading us into a world of magic and wizardry. Showing us that our previous perceptions of magic couldn’t be further from it’s potential- that magic didn’t have to be portrayed as a trickster on a stage or old haggardy witches hidden in the hills. That magic can be something of beauty and intrigue, that it could be honed in a school with children- I mean come on! It destroyed the views on boarding schools, suddenly every 11 year old wanted to receive a letter trapped inside an egg saying they had to leave for Hogwarts!

For anyone who hasn’t read the series, who hasn’t read the series to their children- go and grab one and begin!

So what did I do next? Did I pick up Chamber of Secrets? No- in fact I became extremely ill, and proceeded to spend the remainder of the day and night throwing my guts up! I was scared to pick up one of my books in case I damaged them.

Instead I watched the movies (a cop out I know), I managed to watch the first four movies!

So now it’s Friday and I still feel terrible but at least I can move without feeling sick. So finally I can come up with a reading aim for February now:

  1. Complete the Harry Potter Series re-read
  2. Complete Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence
  3. Complete Red Rising by Pierce Brown

So keep an eye out because lets face it, these books deserve reviews! I probably wont do a detailed review of each book in the Harry Potter Series because there are millions of them! However I have started both Red Rising and Prince of Thorns, and I will definitely be doing reviews!


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