The start of something beautiful…

Welcome my whispers of wonder,

So you have stumbled across my little blog (one day it will be a big blog hopefully) and your wondering what is happening here?

Here’s the thing, my mind wonders far and long; sometimes over the smallest of things. Oh look someone’s stopped in the middle of the road to stare at their phone… Oh look a bird is staring through the window at my neighbour… Oh look the sky is swirling with colour this afternoon…

This is generally the point where my imagination goes a little crazy and little stories start popping through my head… could they have just received a secret assignment? Is that bird a spy? Are aliens altering the atmosphere?

That is totally normal right?

Well it is for me 😛 and I want to share them with you… my little stories that is.

So welcome, pull up a cushion, create your blanket fort, and delve into the strange workings of my imagination…

Helen x


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